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Customers’ experience is the impression you leave to your customers resulting in how they think about your brand. Positive customer experience can make your customers happy, and they can purchase more of your products which can increase in your revenue. Most of the enterprise e-commerce platforms come with advanced features that will enable you to offer services that will align with the customers’ expectations. With this, customers can make a purchasing decision.

You cannot measure the experience of your customers. However, you can look at their behaviors on your site. If customers spend more time on your site, you will know that they are happy about your services. And when they land on your site and press the exit button, you need to look for ways to improve the services. Here are 5 features that will enhance customers’ experience:

Customization feature

Most entrepreneurs view the customization feature as of no importance. However, this feature will enable you to make changes to your site. You will have the freedom to upload high-quality images and videos which will convince customers that your products are of high quality. Also, you will add your business logo which will make customers know more about what your offer. An enterprise e-commerce platform with the customization feature is essential as it will enable you to make the lengthy check-out process to be short and precise. As you know, no one would like to spend more time in a site when making purchases. With this, you will get an opportunity to include a shopping cart in every product page. Also, you will include all the prices in the cart to enable customers to spend less time on your site. To learn how to customize your storefront, checkout, and backend systems, go to www.shopify.com/plus/enterprise-ecommerce

Discounts and promotion

In this era, customers are looking for that store that will enable them to save money. In this essence, you need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform that will allow you to provide offers to your customers. You can send the coupon codes or offer free shipping. Also, you can provide discounted products. With this, you can attract a massive number of customers who will make purchases and increase your sales.

Mobile optimization feature

Customers hate a site that will loads at a slow speed when they use a mobile device to browse. With this, they can click the exit button and look for another site. To avoid this, you need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform with responsive templates. These templates will enable you to create a website that will look great on all screen sizes. Also, customers can make payments easily with the use of the mobile.

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Integrated payment gateways and security

Customers will abandon your site if it lacks the security features. They view this site as unreliable and one that will make them encounter losses. Hence, you need a platform that has the PCI (Payment card industry) to enable customers to use cards which is a safer method of payments. Also, the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) will secure your customer’s sensitive data, and they will not face losses. An integrated payment gateway is another feature that can drive traffic to your site. It will enable customers to make purchases using a method of their choice.

Customer support

As you know, no one likes to send a question and finds that there is no one to offer a response. Hence, using an enterprise e-commerce platform that will enable you to provide feedback to your customers is crucial. With this, you can provide them with positive feedbacks at the right time. You can have the freedom to offer various methods of giving feedback. You can use a free phone call, text, email, or live chat. By doing this, you can enhance customers’ experience, and they make purchases and become repeat customers.

Customer support