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Shopify plus is a fully-hosted platform. With this, your site will scale when an increase in traffic level occurs. Also, you will get security on your website. As you know, insecurity cases can lead to the diminishing of your business. With this, you will lose your customers and start your business from scratch. Hence, having an enterprise e-commerce platform with a high level of security is essential as you will secure your site from hackers.

 Some misconceptions about Shopify plus make entrepreneurs fail to use it or use it in the wrong way. Here are the 4misconceptions that you need to be aware of:

Shopify plus will limit you to make changes in your site

Making changes in your website is crucial as you can enhance the functionality of your business. Although Shopify plus is a hosted platform, it will offer you the freedom to make changes. It has the customization feature that will enable you to tweak your template in a way that will improve the growth of your business. Most entrepreneurs fail to succeed as they believe that a self-hosted platform is the best as it will offer freedom to make changes. Although the self-hosted have a lot of freedom, it requires coding skills for you to use it.

With the customization feature of Shopify plus, you can add high-quality videos and images, your business logo, and change colors and fonts of your template.

Shopify plus will limit you to integrate with custom complex backend systems

Integration is essential as it will enhance the functionality of your site. An enterprise e-commerce platform without this feature should not be your consideration. However, Shopify plus has the Shopify App Store that you can use to integrate with your backend system.

Shopify plus is a cheap platform. Thus you will create a site with fewer features

This statement is false. Although most entrepreneurs believe that an expensive enterprise e-commerce platform will enable them to create a website with advanced features, Shopify plus stands out to be the best. It can work well than those platforms that will charge you millions of dollars.

Shopify plus being a hosted platform will host your site on an unreliable server

Shopify plus cares for its users. Hence, it cannot lead you to a server that will make you encounter losses. Although most entrepreneurs believe that having the freedom to select a hosting provider is the only way to offer security, Shopify plus will host your site on a reliable server. With this, your site will be free from attacks.

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