Shopify Plus Features

A well-designed enterprise website is not all you need to run a successful business. You require to have advanced features that will convince customers that you are a reliable seller and offers high-quality products. Shopify plus is among the best enterprise e-commerce platforms that will provide your site with features that can increase the conversion rate. Most customers will click on the exit button when they find that your site lacks features that match with their expectations. Here are 5features of Shopify plus that can lead to more conversion rate:

Promotion and discount feature

Having ways that will enable customers to save money is a great way to increase the conversion rate. Each customer will love to shop from an online store that will provide offers. Hence, having Shopify plus as your enterprise e-commerce platform is essential as you can drive traffic and make customers to purchase more of your products.

Customization feature

Most entrepreneurs will wonder how the customization feature can increase the conversion rate. This feature will enable you to come up with a unique design. In this era, customers will only purchase from a site that looks unique. Hence, customization is of great benefit. It will allow you to add videos, images, business logo, and change colors in the templates.

PCI and SSL feature

PCI (Payment Card Industry) is a great feature that an enterprise e-commerce platform must have. It enables customers to make payment by using a safe method of their choice. The SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is another security feature. It protects the customers’ data from hackers. Shopify plus has these security features to allow customers to make purchases easily without fear of encountering losses.


Customers hate a site that will take minutes to load when they view it using a mobile device. They may find it difficult to use a desktop which requires them to be in a room. However, the mobile device is flexible,and you can carry it with you. Shopify plus can significantly increase the conversion rate because of its responsive templates. With this, customers can view you as a reliable seller who cares for the customers as they will have the freedom to use any device to browse your site.

Customers’ review icon

Another feature that will convert visitors to customers is the customer review. Hence, you should not consider using an enterprise e-commerce platform without this feature. It plays an essential role in offering customers an opportunity to write how they feel about your products and services. With this, other customers can view at the comments to know more about you.

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