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Operational Excellence:
Driving Continuous Improvement

Respect, Enable, Engage

1. Respect people by recognizing the unique contribution of every individual

2. Engage people to own and improve business processes as a central part of their daily work

3. Enable people by providing the knowledge, tools, methods and coaching they need to be successful

4 New Videos on Lean IT:

Three Elements of Lean IT: A Concise Overview  see video

For IT Managers: Why Being a Good Firefighter is Bad  see video

Danger: Using Value-stream Mapping in the IT Department  see video

Why IT Really Isn't About Technology  see video

Gamechanger: Using Lean IT and Other Lean Disciplines to Break Down Oragnizational Silos Click Here.

From the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit: Leveraging Information Systems in Healthcare

I was asked about Lean IT and my new workshop developed in conjunction with ThedaCare at this year's Lean Healthcare Summit in Orlando. Click here.

Video from the last Lean IT summit in Paris, France

Presentation of a whimsical take a lessons learned from 15 years in the trenches.  Taken from the Lean IT European Summit in Paris, November 2012. (I'll be back again this October 4 & 5, 2013 Click here.

Nice Review for my book: Lean IT

To read more Click here.

Great Review of Lean IT presentation at OSU!

Read the review of Mike's presentation to 250 professionals at Nationwide Insurance in Columbus, Ohio, which was sponsored by The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Center for Excellence Program. "Mike Orzen, who quite literally wrote the book on lean and IT, emerged as one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers I’ve had the pleasure to hear.... " To read more Click here.

Worldwide Cost of IT Failure $3 Trillion

Mike Orzen cited on ZDNet concerning the tremendous risk of IT failure. These are the most reasonable numbers I have seen on the global economic impact of IT failures. Click here.

Video from the first Lean IT summit in Paris, France

Discussion of Lean IT and the challenge of silos and a departmental focus versus a Lean value stream approach. Taken from the Lean IT European Summit in Paris, October 2011. Click here.

Going Lean Can Help IT Improve Quality and Cut Costs

Check out the podcast to discover how companies achieve significant gains in quality while realizing reduced operating costs; and where to start to apply Lean in your own IT organization. Click here.